The Fraser Valley
During WWII

The 2011-12 student web sites focus on the experience of Fraser Valley residents during WWII. Follow the Students Sites link to where the web sites are posted.

WWII children collecting newspapers

Chilliwack students from Central School doing Red Cross salvage work during World War II. Chilliwack Museum and Archives photo.2000.51.1 Salvage Work 1941



THE GEOGRAPHICAL REGION of the Fraser Valley has a long and complex human history dating back more than 8000 years, when the ancestors of today’s Sto:lo First Nation arrived in the wake of retreating glaciers. The Valley’s rich environment provided the initial communities with the food and materials to build satisfying lives, and eventually some of the highest population densities in Indigenous North America. For more than two centuries, Europeans and then humanity from across the globe have chosen to settle in the region, drawn initially by the fur trade and the Gold Rush, and later by the promise of land and opportunity. In recent decades, the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia has developed into a thriving and rapidly growing region, with a diverse and vibrant mixture of people.

This historical web site houses student web sites that will help bring to life the past worlds of these people. It is a product of History 440: Local History for the Web offered at the University of the Fraser Valley.You will be reading the excellent work of our senior undergraduate students, based on primary research they conducted in local community archives and museums throughout the Fraser Valley. During History 440, students also acquire the skills to create and build web sites, so they not only research and write, but also design and produce the finished products for publication here. Enjoy.

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